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  1. Hi, I wrote a few songs on my journey to healing and recorded them. I would like to be able to share them, but the mp4 file is not supported. Any way of being able to upload or is it forbidden? jusme
  2. jusme


    I'm sorry to all out there tonight who are doing well. I'm not. And for a little while please will you bear with me whilst I indulge my thoughts and feelings and become a little selfish. I have an overwhelming sadness tonight. My heart is broken. I have been struggling for 7 years to love and care for my beautiful partner whom I adore no matter what they may think. I have failed. I am a survivor but not an overcomer. I am not the strong confident person they want. I have not got it all together. I dont have common sense. I dont know how to do things others can. I get angry, I am emotional, I am hurtful. I love deeply, feel deeply, but I fail to communicate it so that it can be felt by others deeply. I have chosen poorly and failed. I have chosen well and let them down. And here I am again at the end of another era, standing on a precipice. Knowing once again that I have let others down by how I have behaved or not behaved, spoken or been silent, acted or neglected. I am culpable. It is my fault and not the past. I should have changed by now. I should have got better. I should have grown up. But I'm stuck in this repeating and very painful cycle of love and loss. I'm not sure I can do it again. Not to myself, but more so to the beautiful ones that I have loved. I'm so tired of being less than. And yes I would love to stand up tall and say I am better than that, but my knees are weak and my heart is faint within me. I cannot stand,
  3. jusme


    Today has been better than others - thanks
  4. jusme


    Thanks for the welcome.
  5. jusme


    Hi there. Am new, and just a little nervous. I hope that this turns out ok. Could do with meeting people who know what its like. Need a little support really. And could do with some safe friends. Am seeking healing, and hope this is a good starting place. Thanks
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