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  1. I'm considering reporting what happened to me and I'm wondering what others experiences have been. For me it was acquaintance rape, occured in a state where i was only visiting, and I'm really on the fence about reporting it. If I could find out he's been investigated for it before, or charged with it before I would be totally happy to report it. And part of me thinks it would be a good idea just to report it, so if it happened to anyone else later they could have the information. However, i still feel a lot of guilt about what happened and like it was partially my fault so it's difficult for me to consider reporting. i don't want to ruin his life... but it also doesn't seem right that i have to deal with this everyday and he just gets to live his life like nothing happened. So. what about your experience? Are you glad you reported it? was it worth it? do you regret it? I would love to hear your story and hear your advice. thanks!
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