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  1. Welcome to AS. I am so sorry you went through so much as a child. I hope you find the healing and peace that you deserve here
  2. Welcome to AS!!! Breaking the silence is a huge step, but its the best step you can take. Just being here is a great start. Mandi
  3. Welcome to AS. I love the name. Makes me think of the Beatles song
  4. and I just realized I misspelled your name, sorry about that.
  5. NurseMandi


    Welcome to AS Kendall
  6. Welcome! I hope you find the support you need and deserve here.
  7. Welcome, Jane. This is a wonderful site full of great support. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame is on those who put us here. I look forward to talking to you in the future. Mandi
  8. Welcome to AS! Hope you find it as healing as I have.
  9. Welcome to AS. Hope that you find AS as healing as I have. Mandi
  10. Tribia, Welcome to AS. It is a long road to healing, but so worth it in the end. I too had felt like I deserved what happened, as it was a situation I put myself in. However, it does NOT excuse them for what they did. Under stressful situations like that, people do tend to react differently than they normally would, and perps have a horrid way of manipulating people to feel that this is something that must happen . . . or else . . . No matter the situation, it wasn't your fault. Mandi
  11. I am glad you found this site, and I hope that you found this place as healing as I have. Mandi
  12. Welcome!!! I have found this board to be of amazing support. Mandi
  13. I love your positive attitude It is very true that you can overcome, and continue to live life to its fullest. Welcome to AS!
  14. Welcome to AS! I definantly know how it goes with the alcohol thing.
  15. Welcome!!! There is a lot of great support here. It's sure helped me out. Mandi
  16. Welcome!!! I am sorry that you were hurt. I hope you find the same healing here that I have. Mandi
  17. Welcome!!! Depression and PTSD are the pits. Glad you are ready to open up. . . This site has helped me. Mandi
  18. Welcome!!! I hope you find the peace and healing as I have on AS. Knowing that you're not alone is a saddening but comforting feeling. There are a lot of amazing people on this site. I look forward to seeing you around. Mandi
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