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  1. thanks for the warm welcome everyone. and thanks mandy, I did not consider a r*pe crisis centers because it was so long ago, i guess i thought .. you know honestly i guess for some reason i thought what happened to me not important enough for them to deal with.. because it was so long ago.
  2. I just joined this site. I am not even sure what i am looking for really, just support i guess. I have not yet posted my story but I do think that I will.. even if no one reads it, I think it will help to actually say everything that happened. I think maybe if I had some therapy to deal with the things I have gone through I would be ok, but i do not even know how to go about seeking help. anyway yea here i am, i have not suffered any rape or abuse in the last 8 years, I would of thought i would be healing but thats not the case.
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