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  1. Welcome to AS I hope we can help you I have a son too. His name is Thomas and he's 19 months old.
  2. Welcome to AS. I hope we can help you on your journey x
  3. I am so sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience. My abuser was originally arrested for attempting to abuse my then 17 year old niece, not me. It was only then that I came forward and said what he did to me over 10 years (something I will always regret). It went to court and after many mess ups with CID and CPS my abuser was found not guilty on all 15 counts. To make it worse I was told by the receptionist. The police/court have never got back in contact with me. I gave my evidence via video link and remember the defence barrister continuously saying I was lying. I felt and sometimes still do feel awful. My abuser still lives in my town we even have the same doctor. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with what happened but I am slowly understanding that this was not my fault. The jury for whatever reason could not comprehend that my abuser could have done those things (he's an old man, was a soldier etc). I do wonder if the outcome had been the same if the awareness around the jimmy saville case now was around back then. You did not lie. You are so brave for doing what you did. Hardly an of these cases get to court. There will be a retrial and if he's found guilty they may even try him again for what he did to you. I have no such luck now but I know what happened. He knows what happened and karma doesn't suffer fools gladly.
  4. Welcome to the forum Sugarless
  5. Speaking of kids this is my worst fear and I really need to see the doctor... Whilst my abuser was never able to have full penetration (oh but he tried) he did 'other things' and I cannot conceive. I'm 21, been trying for over a year, healthy, have regular periods etc. and nothing. I track my ovulation so I know the best times and I just don't understand what's wrong. I'm meant to have a smear but I'm terrified to go in case he did something to me
  6. I am relieved and full of regret. I carried my secret for 10 years and would have quite happily taken it to the grave but my abuser tried to do the same thing to my niece and that's how it all came out. I'm glad the truth is out, I wish I had said something earlier yet at the same time I wish it was still a secret.
  7. Welcome I too carried my story for 10 years. I hope you find a lot of strength here xx
  8. Welcome hun x I'm in the UK too and in the middle of a court case against my step father who sexually abused me for 10 years. I hope you find a lot of strength here
  9. Hello everyone. I'm here looking for help, obviously... Not sure what to say really, I'll post my story in a minute but thought it would be polite to introduce myself so... my name is Sarah and I'm 20, just weeks away from 21
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