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    art, spirituality, paranormal, metaohysical healing,, fun stuff

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  1. welcome from another newbie.
  2. welcome and Happy Thanksgiving to you too
  3. welcome from one newbe to another blessings
  4. mercy

    Hi & New Too

    ty all agian for warm welcome,, speaking of warmth,, yes need warmth today. clear and frosty in OR,, its flippin cold today! tanks again,, lol you all are funny.
  5. mercy

    Hi & New Too

    ty all for the warm welcome. Hopefully will have my pc fixed. currently having to use the library for access. have been reading alot lately in the mean time.. lol. Pretty sure I was raised by a multiple/DID mom. She did her best and was a good mom but she sure is unique! I believe because of what she went thru as a child is the reason she believed me... but yet things are never perfect. Life with a multiple mom is very ,, exiciting, never a dull moment. Her story is very similar to trudi chases, rabbit howels. As for mine will share that soon. ty again!
  6. I'm new here too. just wanted to say hello. Seems like alot of brave spirits here who have been thru much more than me. just want a place to talk about the truth to where you are not shunned or ignored. as for my story it only happened twice but the reaction from my mom after told her, having to move and having my whole life change because of it,, feel a part of me was lost. a good part. eh such is life will tell more later, this seems like a good place to share. thank you mm
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