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  1. Hello

    Welcome Sam *waves* Hope you find your way around ok! See you around the boards, ~Howlite
  2. Hi Just Introducing Myself

    Hello Mary, *waves* Welcome! I hope you find your way around ok. ~Howlite
  3. Timid Newbie

    *waves* Hello blueskies! Nothing wrong with getting a feel for the water before diving in ... hope to see you around the boards. ~Howlite
  4. Hello

    Hello Annie and Aza, I recently went off in share your story about physical abuse ... everyone here has had a unique set of experiences but you'll find you will be listened to and supported with whatever it is you want to work through/talk about. There are some really amazing people floating around on this site! I hope you find your way around ok. Take good care, ~Howlite
  5. Hello

    Welcome to AS Shelby! Hope you find your way around ok, Take care, ~Howlite