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    I'm Gonna Be A Doctor!!!!!

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  1. Kee

    New Name :)

    Thank You Candy, It Will Be A Very Long Time B4 I'm A Doc However
  2. Kee

    New Name :)

    Yes it does. Thank You Maddy
  3. Kee

    New Name :)

    Hey everyone, It's me Kee former screen name. Stillstanding2010. As i had mentioned to some. I wanted my screen name changed. so i Finally got my request for a new screen name changed, so i thought i let all you know. With Love, Kee
  4. Yesterday I Ate. May Seem Small But For The 1st Time In Awhile I Felt Hungry & I Ate Something. It Was A Warm Up Little Dinner Thing Nothing Special, But Better Than What I Have Been Eating Which Is Nothing
  5. Hello Sandy, My name is keyona. I was sexually abused by my step father from 7-13. I reported the rape, but after a trial he was let off & came back to live with us. I ran away from home at 16 and haven't looked back. I wish things would have ended a diffrent way but they didn't. I felt very dirty and still do to this day. I take like 2 hour showers sometimes when i feel really bad. I haven't had a boyfriend since the rape not really read to take that step yet. but when i do i would have to come up with a plan or something so that it doesn't happen again....well look at me rembling on & on....my bad I think it was a great thing that you reported your boyfriend. Some people never get the courage to tell. I've learned the most important thing is breaking the silence. Stay Strong & Hang In There :)
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