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    I like travelling, discovering new places, new landscapes, new cultures. Reading, watching films and movies, listening to music, walking, being outside in parks, or by the sea...<br />Basically I like nature.<br /><br />And playing silly crazy games on here. lol

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  1. Though I did not experience violence, not really, I can understand that those who did experience violence need a place, a threat under which they could reach one to another and stopped feeling like this kind of abuse happened to them alone. It's true that the majority of the society associates rape with violence, the word in French for instance is viol and only a couple of more letters are needed to be added to form the word violence (which is the same word in French); in Polish the word gwalt kind of focuse more on sometihng sudden but also violent. I'm glad that there are places like AS that
  2. Tiang is wondering if the happy workers have seen her post. ??? thank you.
  3. Welcome to AS Greenasmoss! I hope you will find what you're looking for here! And it is indeed a great support place! Take care! Tiang
  4. Dear Happy Workers on AS, Thank you for making this place a safe one an for all the work you do! This is much appreciated. I just have one question. Cause it is kind of bothering me. I have just noticed that another former member is/was a "member issue". You know the notice in news and updates. "bad intentions" - What bad intentions can someone have joining a support website? how can someone look for this kind of website, join and have bad intentions? My question is not directed to a particular person or about a particular person, it is a general question. I don't understand. I understan
  5. I am not from the US, but recently I've seen a movie about how 2 women who got interested in helping children and they have achieved an amazing work. They started the Child Help across the US and offer a safe harbor for children. I suppose the definition of children in this case is under 18. Any way I looked at the ressources on here and have not seen it so I thought I would post it. Here is the link to their website. You can call them or email them. http://www.childhelpusa.org/ They really seems to be great. Here is the link to the movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479917/ Take care
  6. Ok it's solved. I log in - with the password for the forum - and then it did appear in my topci thing. Thank you anyway. I wont edit the post as it may be useful to someone else. Havent noticed before if you did not put the password the topic you put there did not appear on your page. take care everyone! Tiang
  7. Hello Happy Workers, I wanted to continue writing about my story. I wrote it in March or April 2010 and I wrote it in the female survivors forum as I did not feel to put in the story forums because of some details. And today I CANT find it. I went on my profile page, in the topic, and read several times the 2 pages and it is NOT there. Either I am going blind or it has really disappeared. Please help. Thank you! Take care! Tiang
  8. Hello Betty! Thank you for putting that on the table (If I can say that this way). I was thinking of that too. Actually more thinking ok should I or not check my email right now (when I am at uni and that on one glimpse someone - anyone, could read the title). good idea! Thanks!
  9. thank you! also looking forward for our normal old chat to come back.
  10. Still waiting for suggestions. Thank you everyone! Maybe a mod could help on this one. thanks again! Tiang
  11. hello! I would like to post a letter to the little girl. But I cant find where to post it. I think maybe in simple life - as it is a positive letter, Yet I am not sure it could be posted there. It wont be triggering but still it is to talk to that little girl (for all her courage and strengh and give her some support). I dont feel like posting it in Gathering place or the aftermarth as it is positive. nor in the achievement because it is not now, it is in the before. nor in the survivors connection, for the same reason as the 1st. so..... well, usually I dont have difficulites findin
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