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  1. Thank you John, I have been in therapy for about 6 months now and am finally beginning to feel like I have gotten somewhere. For so long I could only focus on myself and didn't want anything to do with any other survivor. I couldn't handle hearing any other bad stories. Now, however, I feel strong enough that I can appreciate the love and support from other survivors as well as offer my love and support back. For a very long time I rejected the "survivor" title. So I made my own word, STAR. It stands for Suffered Through And Recovering. Now I am proud Star Survivor!!!!! Slowly I am learning my way around, still need to learn how to pm someone though. Thanks for the kind note. Star
  2. Hello, I'm new and learning my way around. I'm hoping this will be a nice added support for me in my struggles. Just wish there weren't so many. But i do see hope in the darkness.
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