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  1. Hi you need to do what feels right for you, i took 3 days to report mine, i was drunk too and convinced i was drugged, the more time passed the clearer the picture got. i was worried the police would not believe me and that i had created holes in my case. i must say i had a fantastic police officer and at times i thought i could not see it thru to the court case, the pressure was intense. i lived breathed and slept this attack. however after the court case i left court, knowing i could not do any more and in a funny way a huge weight was lifted and im glad the jury saw this man for what he was. jason mcintyre, i can name him follwoing his conviction had done this before, moved around the uk from newcastle and dont doubt there are others out there who had not reported it for a number of reasons. i could not let him get away with this nor live with the fact he might do this again to some one else. he is convicted now and will be sentenced next week. he is a fantastist sexual preditor. would i do this all over again??? yes i would, it brought some closure for me and i dont have any regrets, i think had i not reported it it would of been harder for me to move on.
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