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  1. lottie

    Er, Hi.

    hi nice to meet you !!
  2. hi ..hope you are ok ..? nice to meet you ..i really hope you find the strength love support and kindess you need here .AS has helped me and i hope it helps you too.everyone is so kind and supportive.please remember you are never alone love lottie xx
  3. hi nice to meet you love lottie x
  4. hi beverly ..nice to meet you.you have taken a really big step and very brave .love lottie
  5. hi daisy welcom to AS ..love lottie xx
  6. thak you so much for posting...this has made me cry your words alone make me feel loved and your srtength shines through...i was abused as a little girl and like your daughter i have the full support of mymother..i am 38 now and still battle every day ..but i cope because i can draw strength from the people close who love me ,,its not easy some days better than others..i have 2 beautiful children of my own and a great career ,,..with the warmth i feel from you i know your little girl will be ok and come through this..i support you fully on this journey it may be tough ..sending you and your da
  7. hi i a so glad you have found AS i am sure it will help you lots.i am lottie 37years oops no 38 today actually ! 2 children 7 years and 21 years ! happily married for nearly 9 years xx
  8. hi and welcom i know you will find comfort here in knowing you are not alone ..love lottie xx
  9. hi there welcom to AS ! you have been real brave today,,thankyou for introducing yourself.i am quite new here ,still finding my way around !! look forward to getting to know you x lottie
  10. thankyou again ,, is so want to share my story but still real nervous..but i already feel AS is helping me to start to understand so many things..x
  11. thanks all for your kind words,finding it a little scary still !! but getting there.it is so great to know i am not alone any more thank you x
  12. thank you steph ....i will be taking eveyones caring words with me today and my own bucket and hugs !!! i feel so much compassion and understandng for everyone else but find it hard to relate it to my self ..i am sure being here on AS is my first steps to feeling better..everytime i read my own words it makes me want to cry ..oh dear !!xxx
  13. hi all i am so scared so for now i will just say hello ! my heart is pounding ! actually feel a bit braver now .Phew .I am tru survivor of many things , and growing tough on the out side like a pair of old boots ,....inside desperatly searching for the real me , crying tears only i can see.what didn kill me definatly made me stronger ,but i cant take this pain much longer...i am in my 30s and determined to make a change .i am ready to support and be supported with open arms ..thank you my new friends lottie
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