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  1. Can't attach so, heres a link. Go to context, select the top line and scroll down to page 8-14. http://books.google.com/books?id=wGDprz3rR...ant&f=false
  2. Sending them as we speak! I hope...
  3. Actually, that IS how the brain works. I can't upload them to a public forum but, I have scanned in the few pages that talk about this. Can I send attachments in a PM? ~ John
  4. Hey, if I may, I can understand why. Not the same thing but, for reasons in my past, my therapist recommended a book called, Getting The Love You Want. in one section, it describes what they refer to as the, "Old Brain" and the, "New Brain." The new brain is our conscious mind and the old brain is where we store stuff. Pretty much every experience; every individual, etc. is stored there in pictures and events. And whenever we are, "triggered" what's actually happening is the new brain is taking what we are experiencing in the moment and sending it through the old brain's file system, if y
  5. Thank you all so much. It's always nice to feel welcome. And yes, I will stick around whether she joins or not because, I can use all the help I can get too! It's a little weird; we actually met online through another internet forum; a more generic, all encompassing type of, "help" site. From there, we went to chat and now, from time to time talk on the phone. We live in different parts of the country which makes it difficult sometimes; maybe more than she knows. So many times, I've read her words on the screen and wished I could drive over to her house with a pizza and just be there wit
  6. Thank you both. I already have (found the site helpful). Found some great stuff in the, "Secondary Survivors area too.
  7. Hey all, Just looking for a type of support group thing for a dear friend of mine who's dealt with this issue. She's not comfortable in a face to face situation right now but, I was hoping that maybe if we could find something online; a place where she could hear the stories of others who have been where she is that just maybe, she wouldn't feel so alone in this; that she would be encouraged; that she might find hope and really believe that things can change I love her to pieces but, I just can't fully understand what it's like for her and therefore, the kind of support I can offer is limit
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