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  1. Welcome back, Djinn, It's my first visit back too.
  2. There's a sub forum in the Pregnancy and parents forum that deals with loss etc. See here. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showforum=62
  3. Hi Reglois, it looks as if there need to be new ideas on how to access male/female/LGTB forums. The female one just isn't that accessible at the moment.
  4. Hi 8888, it only seems to work when you use Google chrome. It also doesn't work when you're using a phone. This makes access limited.
  5. Hi, it takes the Admins to sort out chat and at present they seem to have some sort of difficulty coming to the forums. I think we just have to wait and hope they manage to overcome the difficulties, don't forget they're people too with their own lives to deal with.
  6. Hi Judith, a lot of posts got lost from the forum crash before the forums moved here. Everyone lost posts, some of the newer people (been here about a year) lost almost all of theirs so it looked as if they were new people with just a few starter posts. There were those that had to rejoin AS.
  7. Hmmm, if there is a problem with the password section then maybe its time to get rid of the password and have F member group tags like the M member group tag.
  8. I have noticed for some time that many can't get access to the female forum. It seems to require using Chrome and the password for access. It also doesn't seem to be working when someone is using their phone. If for some reason you can't use chrome or use a phone then you do not have access to the female forum. Here's mention of it here when trying to use a Mac. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=99432 http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=71827&page=17 I asked Paula for the password and the one she sent me started with a c and ended with an l
  9. Hi Samii, I suppose pms will work. I am noticing more new members that are male and don't know that they are listed as female. It's happened before where I've seen the odd one at a time its just that its in groups now.
  10. Hi Island, thanks for the reply. What happens if someone initially made a mistake when joining?
  11. I've noticed that some new members have had trouble describing themselves as male/female/lgbt and secondary survivors That means some survivor forums aren't accessible to them. Is there a way to make the distinctions clearer for those who are new to AS?
  12. I've noticed that there didn't seem to be any information for those looking for help in the Caribbean or even central or south America. I have come across a few AS members from the Caribbean on this site. Here's some contacts that I've found. Rape Crisis Centre of Trinidad and Tobago 40 Woodford Street, Newton Port of Spain, 868 622-7273 or 622 1079 12 San Fernando Street, San Fernando, 868 657-5355 http://www.iisd.org/50comm/commdb/desc/d31.htm Childline Trinidad and Tobago http://www.childlinett.org/ phone 131 or 800 4321 Samaritans/crisis lines Trinidad and Tobago - 645 2800 St. Vincen
  13. Hi Sticksnstones, welcome to AS
  14. Hi Beck , Welcome back.
  15. i have to agree with Samii and Sonnnet. The thumbs up feature is a popularity contest to incourage posters on a social network or forums to post the best post. It's not about gaining brownie points for good behaviour. I've never paid attention to that sort of thing. This site is a community support board which aims to allow members to break their silence. It's sort of self help therapy and mutual support. It allows us to say as little or as much as we are able in any manner in accordance to the forums' guidlines. It is not a social forum. There are no contests. We all agree to abide by
  16. Hi all, I am using Chrome. When the forums first moved I was able to get access to the female forum then after a while I couldn't.
  17. I'm having trouble getting in the female survivors forum. I type in the password and a box comes up saying that I've been granted access but nothing progresses from there. I'm still stuck with the password page with the typed password gone blank after being granted access. I've tried retyping the password several times only to have this repeated. Anyone else having this problem?
  18. Hi Astro, yes I did, I just changed it back and everything's find now. I just managed to find your other post, thanks!
  19. Hi, I'd thought AS was down again because everytime I typed in the main address or clicked using my favourites in history I got this message. I only got limited access by typing out the address for new posts/content. I get the same message if I try to click on the main forum page from here or clicking on chat. I haven't a clue why this is happening.
  20. Hi Kenz, I think the nearest thread is the "date/aquaintance rape" one. I think they forgot to add sexual assault to the tittle so it'd be "date/aquaintance sexual assault/rape".
  21. Thanks Sunshine and Dodo, I have tried it and it works
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