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  1. Welcome. I'm an American living in China, so I understand the whole needing the internet for help because I'm far from other ways too. Hope this helps you.
  2. Xiemin


    Thanks everyone for your welcome. This seems like a good place with good people. You are all very kind.
  3. Xiemin


    Hello. I'm a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse. I went through a lot of therapy in my teen years for the sexual abuse, but haven't really dealt with the emotional abuse. My husband and I moved to China several years ago, and we teach English here. I love living here, but as you can imagine there is not really a lot of support for me here, and I'm a bit isolated. After being married for many years my husband really wants to start a family this year and I'm.... terrified. So I'm reaching out and hoping for some support here. Thanks! Xiemin
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