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  1. Thank you for welcoming me...I hope this site is helpful too.
  2. I know but if I don't let them have access to whichever therapist I choose, they threaten to either kick me out (I cannot allow myself to be homeless...I'm already messed up) or they'll put me in a psych ward for a few weeks...I'm not strong enough to fight them. Namaste, Sherri
  3. Hi...I'm Sherri...it's taken me a very long time to join a survivor's forum. I've joined a this & a couple of others...I've posted some of what I've experienced on one of the forums I joined. I've had memories since childhood (I'll be 40 later this year). It didn't occur to me that I was violated in any way until my mid-20's when I asked my Mom a couple of questions regarding my memories (my parents had absolutely no idea anything had happened - they were vacationing in Europe at the time). She had no clue what I was talking about & then it hit me like a ton of bricks & then the
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