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  1. I'm so happy that you are feeling more hopeful. I hope you feel welcomed here as you continue to heal.
  2. Lynn4


    Wow. I am really overwhelmed by all the kind words of encouragement. I'm so emotional. I really have been dealing with this all by myself (have told absolutely no one about the assault, except my T and I guess everybody reading this post). I was really afraid that I would be rejected here (don't know why), but everyone has been very accepting. Thank you. Found, I am having a little trouble finding my way around, but I'm slowly getting it. Thank you for asking. Lynn
  3. Lynn4


    Thank you for making me feel welcomed. After reading several posts here, I am already feeling a real burden lifted. Thanks everyone.
  4. Lynn4


    Hello everyone. This is my first post. I'm very nervous because I have pretty much isolated myself from everyone since the assault. My T recommended this site as a good place to start speaking... at my own pace and seeing that I'm not alone and I'm not weird or crazy. I am looking forward to finding support and offering some as well.
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