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  1. something i have been doing lately for my body is what i call my daily ritual. i light candles and make a safe circle with a sage plant's smoke. then i lay down and let my body soften all over, releasing all the tension. i breath and notice how my body feels. i listen and am responsive, that is all. i follow the natural impulses of my body with out judging it. often it takes me into great dances, where my rage escapes through the core and out of me, like a huge moment of freedom! i love to move my body in ways it wants to move, my cells know how i can heal... these cells are so much wiser than my brain or emotions or patterning from this life's experience. i love being present in my body and feeling how large i am with all that space that opens up after the release, as my emotions ripple through my muscles, as i feel my inner deeper knowing in the now. its all about now for me, this healing process. this looking back. in my movement zone, images, memories, shadows, they all rise up and haunt me, but i can handle them because i am as part of the cells of all the universe. strength in my open, soft and vulnerability. aurora
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