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  1. I have this problem as well. I feel it compromises confidentiality, as it could help someone with ill intentions to identify a survivor. If an abusive family member has the birthdate of a person they wish to threaten or stalk, they can simply do a search of that birthdate on the forum to find that person. I would like this taken off my profile as I do not feel safe with this additional means of identification attached to my profile.
  2. Hello - welcome. I hope you find some of the support you are seeking here.
  3. Welcome! I hope you will find some kind and supportive people here.
  4. That sounds really painful! You shouldn't have to bear that all alone. Are you in counselling, or do you have a support group? I am glad you're able to post here. Even journalling might help sometimes - just to write out the pain so it's 'out' of you instead of still stuck inside. It just sounds like you are in agony and really overwhelmed. I hope you find some more support and relief.
  5. Hi Ice - Welcome - I'm glad you're reaching out for support. You shouldn't have to navigate your healing alone - there's just too much pain. I hope you will find this site helpful. I agree the people here are pretty nice! :flower:
  6. Hi Redwall, I'm glad to hear you made it through your first session and that you were able to tell your story in a way that felt okay for you. Over the course of your healing, you might come to feel that your emotions are a release, and something helpful, instead of something too difficult to bear. Good luck, and it sounds like you are off to a good start with it...
  7. I would say - from your descriptions - that the first time was coercion, and all the following times were rapes because you did not consent, or were not in a position to consent. There is a 'Sexually Assaulted While Drugged' thread on here where people can support each other in healing from this - http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=58658 . I really hear that you feel ashamed of your addiction, but you did not agree to be raped. It's heartrending that this man also infected you with HIV. You do have a right to feel angry towards him, and it might help to get in touch with
  8. Hi John, I just want to say that sounds like a good idea. I've been bullied at different points in my life, and when you think about it, child abuse, rape, and domestic violence are all extreme forms of bullying.
  9. Hi Scassy, Welcome to AS, and I hope that you will feel comfortable here, and get the validation you need. It sounds like you're in a very difficult place at the moment. Folks tend to be very supportive and kind here.
  10. I wasn't aware of this situation, but thanks for bringing it up, Lily. I totally agree that male survivors here need their own safe space - especially if some of their abusers were women. Thanks for letting us know that the mods are working on this, Becky.
  11. corvidae


    Hi Aibird, Welcome to AS. Yeah, I can see how the abbreviations could be a bit baffling. I don't know if this is written elsewhere or not, but here are a few of the more common abbreviations... AS is AfterSilence, CSA is child sexual abuse, SI is self-injure, T is therapist, not to be confused with TW which means trigger warning... Anyway, just post any other ones that are too hard to figure out from the context and I'm sure you'll get some answers.
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