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  1. Welcome back! Hope AS can help or at least, we'll try too!
  2. Hi!! What a nice introduction! You are very brave! And AS will support you in all things.
  3. Welcome Bobbi...I don't use my real name either, everyone calls me Libby Glad to meet you, and I hope you find your way around
  4. libbyluv86


    Welcome to AS We're here for you, and yes, you will be okay!
  5. thanks very much- I started by posting my story, but I started to cry, so I kept it short. Maybe I can write some more tomorrow. Thanks very much for your support. Tony, don't worry if you're scared. This may be a big place, but we are all here for each other...I've been here for maybe a week...I started writing my story, but I couldn't finish it because the emotions that I have hidden away for a long time were too overwhelming. I have yet to read other stories. I'm not exactly a "survivor" yet, because my past still haunts me and I haven't learned to deal with it. But if you ever need to talk, ask questions or just vent, this is the place to do it. We all are here for each other
  6. What's a good way to learn to love your inner-child instead of hating her and pushing her aside all the time?
  7. hi! Everyone is so nice here! Glad to finally be able to meet people who are understanding..
  8. this is so sweet! God bless you and your "little one" You sound like you love her. She's going to be okay, and so are you...
  9. so what happens if your inner-child runs your life? My inner-child is stubborn and always wants to do kid things. Sometimes I have to push her away just so I can have some adult time, but I often feel guilty for it. My inner-child lives through me everyday and hardly ever rests. I can't keep a job because of her and I was unable to finish school....honestly, I hate my inner-child. She embarrasses me and makes grown-ups not like me either. My friends stop hanging out with me because my inner-child thinks she wants to have sex with most of my "adult friends"(females) and it scares them. I want my inner-child to go away and leave me alone
  10. hi. Well I think today that i'm okay. couldn't sleep again last night. I didn't read any triggering things last night on here, but I feel like something is triggering me....I just don't know what...make any sense?
  11. Hi! I'm Libby, I'm 23 and I just found this site. I'm new here so I hope to get to know some people
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