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  1. hunni i know it may not seem like it now... but you will be able to go days without thinking about it.. without him ruining your day... its taken me years and alot of councelling.. but i get days where its not there... sometimes a few days in a row... you will get there hunni... its going to take time and effort.. but i can say from experience its worth it hunni... even though it may seem impossible now melissa
  2. hello casey (KC) and welcome to AS hope you find this site helpful and inviting there is great support here hun mel86
  3. welcome hun in your own time if you even want to share/ talk at all. its your decision, but AS we are friendly supportive and listen and many understand we will be always here if you need AS. take care mel86
  4. hello and welcome to AS (after silence) i hope you find what you are looking for here. there is much trust and support here hun, dont rush or push yourself to tell your story/stories... in your own time. they are always read by some and its greatly appreciated. even after 8 years it can still be as hard as if it just happened if you havent processed it and healed. and i hope we will help you on the way and make trusted friends here. welcome and your welcome to pm me anytime take care hun, mel86
  5. hello and welcome to AS (after silence) hope you find the support and strenght here that will help and assist you in recovery! if you ever need anything im just a personal message away. take your time, there is no need to rush. we are all understanding and we know how hard it is. so in your own time your more than welcome. feel free to post and talk about anything. im here for you. and dont feel compelled to push yourself. im your own time hun, welcoming you, best wishes mel86
  6. welcome to AS (after silence). i hope we are a great help to you. wishing the best in your recovery need anything just give a buzz...
  7. mel86

    New Lady

    welcome to AS hope we are helpful, supportive, and much more. need to talk or just have a question just PM (message) me. im just a click away sending best wishes
  8. sorry hun that it has been hard and your hasband has no right to say such things... he obviously has no idea what its like. please do not compare your life stoies to others. all in all you experienced it. and no matter how small or large it all may seem to you, its still hard to cope with and it happened remember here at AS we understand and give support as we can. And only post if you are ready, dont force yourself.... thinking of yourself first. ok please dont compare your past to anyone else... everyones is different but none the different, its still had, it still happened. but im here
  9. hello and welcome take you time... at your pace. i only joined 4 days ago... and love it. true there is suppot and great understanding. and if you ever need to talk im an email away... its hard being starting off, but you will get it!! mel
  10. mel86

    New Here

    im new too. hope this helps you. best wishes
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