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  1. Thank you for being here. It's nice to know there is a place I can go when I start getting bogged down with thoughts that no one I live with can understand or really help me with. I know my husband would like to help but he doesn't really know how and I don't know that I care to alert him of my PTSD feelings all the time so he starts worrying.... Laura
  2. Thanks for that! I'm replying to replies...does that count as a single post, I hope?
  3. well let's just keep posting then we can get our 5 in and talk for real! I'm kind of computer illiterate and wondering if it is just me! I have to ask my kids or my husband for help all the time, it's embarrassing! Laura
  4. I'm new to AS. I posted my story a couple of days ago. I received a response from the administrator that said I needed 5 posts in order to chat. I'm trying to do the 5 posts........but I'd love to have the chance the talk real-time with someone about what I'm feeling at that moment. Sometimes I just turn off the computer and go somewhere else because I feel like talking but there is no one there
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