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  1. I put further details of my story and things in the same thread I started in the 'share my story' thread for that exact reason Riseandshine! So that I can get them out and put them somewhere but also so I know they are not in everyone's face because I feel guilty that anyone should have to hear me. But yeah, if you want to add more to it and actually want it to be noticed, I agree with you, it is easily overlooked the way it is now. Having said that though, I can see the logic in having only one post per person in that thread becaue it gives everyone a fair go.
  2. Come and get me now... ps - I love frenchfries response.
  3. Oral rape? What if it wasnt oral? No disrespect to you found but Katy - do you mean rape with fingers /objects etc that is not only oral? Cause if you do Ill second a vote for that one!
  4. Hi Pokerface. Dont' worry, you don't need to put on a pokerface here. xo Feel free to express and know we are listening and that we believe you and we care.
  5. Ok I should be able to have a crack at that. Do you just ask me on PM or how does it work?
  6. Hi Collegegirl. I am happy that you have found AS. There are lots of helpful people in here who allow us to express whatever emotion we may or may not be feeling and nobody ever judges or critisizes. I don't know what I'd do without it! I am willing to help you and be a part of your presentation if I am the right kind of person you require? so long as I am not asked to identify myself or anything like that.
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