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  1. Back From A Long Break

    Hey, hope this is in the right forum! I've not been on for quite a long time. In my absence, I have been in psychiatric hospital twice, almost lost my life. But I am ready to come back now as it's coming up to the 3 year anniversary and I don't know how to cope :/ Thanks, Forest x
  2. Hello.

    Heya Xiemin, Welcome to AS! Forest x
  3. Hello All

    Welcome to AS, Elizabet!
  4. Kia Ora!

    Heya Martin, and welcome to AS! Forest x
  5. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    "I don't want to hang around someone who's got a face like a slapped arse. Cheer up" Oh.. Thanks alot! Shows how much you care. "Can't you just take a break from this and just enjoy something for once?" Don't you think i'd give anything to get a break from this agony?
  6. Just To Say How Grateful I Am For This Site

    Heya there, and welcome to AS! It can take time to post your story, but that's okay. We're here for when you do Forest x
  7. New And A Little Bit Unsure

    Welcome to AS! You can take as long as you need to talk about anything. Even just the general chit chat until you feel a bit more comfortable and confident to post Well done for posting! Forest x
  8. Hi I'm New.

    Heya floatingone, and welcome to AS! Forest x
  9. Brand New Here.

    Heya Megan, welcome to AS! Forest x
  10. New And Ready To Recover!

    Heya! Welcome to AS! I'm already proud of you for wanting to get this all behind you! Forest x
  11. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    From my mum the day I told her: "Are you sure you didn't want it? Maybe you're just regretting having sex, load of girls do" My reply: "Do you really think I would have wanted anything like that? I had no choice in the matter, I couldn't fight against him". I was so hurt by her comment, she didn't believe me and I so desperately needed her to. I felt so unsafe at home. From someone in the hospital: "Why make up something like that about your friend? What has he ever done to you?" My reply: "He r*ped me" As if I'd just make something up like that. I trusted him, told him a lot about me. Couldn't they not see the absolute fear in my eyes?
  12. Erm... Hey.

    Heya everyone, I spent ages reading everyone's introductions as I had no idea of how to write my own. I'm still quite unsure actually. I'm glad I found this site, it feels a bit safer knowing that there are other people out there who might feel like I do right now. *waves*