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  1. Its good your seeing a counselor in school. Use As as your sounding board and use your counselor to help manage your anxiety if your not comfortable talking to her/him. Welcome!!
  2. You are not alone and your courage will help others. Welcome!!
  3. welcome to AS and hope you find what you need.
  4. Welcome, you are not alone and you will not be rejected
  5. Hi bitsandpieces, I just started writing about my experiences through the help of a therapist, my AA sponsor and my spiritual healer. This is the first time I am putting into words all that happened to me as well as all the feeliings surrounding it. They have been pushed down for so many years becuase I didn't want to feel the pain again. Its been very theraputic and so has this site. Thanks AS
  6. Welcome to AS and I hope to hear more about you survivor2010!!
  7. Welcome to AS, I know its been very theraputic for me just being on this site, and professional therapy will also help. Glad your here!!
  8. I do believe in my heart that we can all get through the dark times if we can see that by facing and feeling what has been done to us that the light will begin to shine through and the healing begins. We can't get through the dark tunnel and get to the other side if we don't first go through the feelings and the pain. No one has to be there alone and the support we get is from each other.
  9. rtuttle


    You are not alone. We understand and its hard for those who have not been through this type of trauma to understand, but we do. Welcome Debsta!!
  10. Thats because we all know how each other feels and we can be there for each other. Welcome!! Bobbi
  11. Its a journey we can take together,Welcome Saffy
  12. Welcome, Hope you get what you need here, and I too know that we can do it together. BB- (and friend of JS too)
  13. Welcome!! Listening to each other is important for healing. We will listen BB
  14. Welcome Ashley, After a while when you shut down and push down all of the feelings they will surface in other unconscious ways, which I have discovered recently. Thank you for sharing and we can deal and heal together. BB
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