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  1. i am familiar with a lot of what you feel and i think its a WONDERFUL, AMAZING THING that you're seeking help. i hope you like this place as much as i do so far. good luck. god bless.
  2. WOW...sounds like you'll be fittin right in with all the "strong people" on this site! CONGRATS on your realization!!! it is a very brave and noble one. i'm here if you ever need an ear...
  3. hello! welcome! i'm just as new as you so i'm not gonna pretend to know the ropes but what i can tell you is that this site seems like its full of the kind of people i've been wishing existed in the real world my entire life...wisdom, compassion, and genuine concern is all i've seen thus far. best wishes.
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    this site seems pretty amazing to me. i posted for the first time yesterday too and i got immediate replies. people on here seem to have more compassion and empathy than the average person...which is what people like us need, right?
  5. thanks so much for takin the time to read my post and for your welcoming words. its good to know how many good people are on here.
  6. ..hello. i registered on this site a couple weeks ago and have basically just been looking around and reading peoples' posts and gettin familiar with everything. a place like this sounds like exactly what i might need, but its scary jumping a new world....even if that world feels more like "home" than any others seem to.. a place where people understand? a place where people just like me gather to vent and for support and guidance and healing? sounds like the kinda place i can get used to. my whole life has felt like a quest for someone to truly understand me...like to my utter core, understand. so we'll leave it at that for now...don't wanna rush into too much. this is my first step toward self help. i'll be opening up before you know it. im really glad i stumbled upon this site. i foresee good things. write more soon.
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