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  1. Brighter days will come. :)
    I'm grateful to be yours.:throb:

  2. Hello I Am New

    Welcome to After Silence. I hope you will be able to find what you need on here.
  3. New And Ready To Recover!

    Welcome to this site =) And i just wanted to say i envy ur strength<3 Take care
  4. New Member Here

    Thank you for the support<3 xx
  5. New Member Here

    Hi everyone, My name is Mari. Im hoping to get the help I feel I need. My family dont want to hear anything about the past-nor care about it. They just tell me to move on. Its so hard..and I feel very alone in this. My bf helps me alot,but I do worry im being a burden on him.. I try not to talk about it alot to him-but he says its ok. But still I worry. Its been a few years since my trauma`s started-I feel as if Ive been hiding if for a whole year or so alone. I guess,even after all this time- I still feel im speechless about it-and when i do talk about it-its never enough, i know its selfish to say this..but i wish i didnt feel this way either. But maybe I feel im tired of feeling as if i cant/shouldnt talk about it,but either way,my family just tells me to move on-to forget the past,or I cant move on. But I feel like I cant move on unless I dont feel safe/free from the past..I wish they knew. Thank you for reading and taking the time to. Im from Japn,but im hoping to make a few connections on here for emotional support. And thank you again for reading this..