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Lina Lu Lu Belle

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  1. wow i never realised you'd only joined recently hehe wleocme :D
  2. omg i have been slacking!! rather than individually say welcome to like 5 pages of newbies (and think of something different to say to each one lol) here is a big ol' welcome hug and cuddles from the lina monster (im not really a monster ;) )
  3. ooh welcome, where did you get your name from? hehehe great minds think alike huh?
  4. welcome chickadee *rainbows* ;) hope you find this place helpful x x x x
  5. Hiya Sarah/Cherry Welcome to AS X
  6. Welcome to AS Alex *safe hugs* x x x x
  7. *safe cuddles* welcome to AS hun Li x
  8. Welcome to As hunnie *safe hugs* X
  9. welcome to AS ~ you have the sweetest username Lina x
  10. hiya chickadee welcome to AS Lina x
  11. Velcome to ze board (man im in a weird mood today) welcome hun X
  12. welcome to AS hun, sorry you've had a hard time so far i hope you can find some love and acceptance here X
  13. hiya darkrose, welcome to AS x
  14. welcometo AS hun *safe cuddles* X
  15. nice to see you around again hun x
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