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  1. Mandy, I replied - thank you! Kevin - you are so welcome. Me
  2. Do I know one of you that replied here? Dodo? and thanks for the link, Whimsical! I'll check that out. and thanks again to all of you!
  3. Hello! I'm new too, though not to recovery. Welcome!
  4. Thanks to you, also. This forum strikes me as very warm and kind and welcoming
  5. thanks all. I just toured abit and posted a few places too. Quite emotional in doing so. I'm REALLY glad this place is here. Thanks again for the welcome. XXOO
  6. Hello, all. I just found this site for a friend, when another friend said that she posts here too! I realized how much I need a place that is specialized (we all belong to a women's support group elsewhere online) as I've been struggling a good bit with my abuse/assault stuff. So here I am! No real details here of course, since this is public, but I was abused/assaulted sexually from 11 (earliest I can remember) until 30, off an on. I'll leave the rest for a more private area. I want to become accustomted to the style and feel here before I just drop a load of info unpon ya'll! Glad this sit
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