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  1. It is hard not to compare your stories with others, but any sexual abuse has a profound negative effect. In the interview Oprah had with child molestors (you can find it online) she asked them to explain the difference in effects from molestation and effects from rape. They all instantly replied that there was none. I have a hard time telling people, thinking they won't take it seriously because 'it's not big enough'. But any violation of you is spirit breaking, with long lasting harm. That is a big deal.
  2. Is there a place on here to talk about the reactions of our family and friends when we told them about the abuse and throughout our lives after that? If not, could I suggest one or someone point me in the direction of where I could find it on the web? It would be so helpful. Thanks. Annette
  3. You are not alone in this, I can empathize. It is jolting to say it and make it 'real', that is such a difficult step. How very brave of you to join. I am glad you made it here. Annette
  4. "I'm sorry, but from what you've told me I can't say it was sexual abuse" -county detective, when I tried to write it down but couldn't say all the little 'important' details "I'm gonna give you some honest sh*t, you're never gonna heal until you leave it in the past" - a 'friend' who couldn't handle it "Are you sure it really happened?" -another friend "maybe it was somebody else, and what he did just seemed bad" -my sister, and the detective "I just think you're uncomfortable with him" -counselor, who told me what she thought, but would not listen to what I knew The worst is when they say nothing at all to me, ever again. Annette
  5. I am sorry you cannot get away from your brother, hang in there. Annette
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