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  1. Hi I completely understand what your going through, and its so good to hear your view's, as i'm thinking about reporting too, and not sure for much the same reasons, am i strong enough? will it ruin my relationship (which is already hanging by a thread) with my close friends and brother? What if he tries to confront me? and do i want to ruin his life....... i've been thinking about this alot, and half of me thinks, its ruining me, everyday is a real struggle and i often wonder if i'll ever feel like me again, so he has and is ruining me and damaged the relationships with my friends, so he should face what he's done! and in my case it was an ex boyfriend of mine, who took advantage when i was drunk and extremely low. the response i got from some people was that they knew guys who would of done the same thing, it was my fault etc. so i want to stand up and show people that what he did was wrong! and no one has the right to do what he did, so he should be punished and have to face up to his actions, even if it is just a slap on the wrist? BUT then theirs the part of me, that just wants to stick my fingers in my ears and shout la la la, then put my head in the sand, maybe it will go away? Its a huge discussion to make. But you do have other options, although i don't know how its done in the US ( I'm in the UK) here i found this unit, where you can go and talk off the record with the police (no details) about the process and how the 'system' works, what will happen etc. you can also give his name and the crime and have them put it on file, he wont be arrested or notified unless you want to go in and do a formal detailed interview. BUT if when they put his name into the system and it pops up he has pervious, then they contact you and ask if your willing to make a formal interview. Good luck with what ever you choose to do
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    Thank you all so much
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    Hi not sure where to start? or what to say? I'm hurting, angry, sad, lost, frustrated, hollow it goes on and on. most days I try to convince myself it wasn't what it was, and i should of known better. I trusted him! he was an ex boyfriend! he knew i'd been in an emotional and at times violent relationship perviously! I was low and drunk. I think one of the hardest things is how it effected my family and closest friends, its like they look at me differently now, no one knows what to say or do, so nothing is said or done. so where do i go from here? what do i do with the overflow of emotions?
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