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  1. I managed to stay away from all of the things that stress me out, for a whole day, it's such a relief Just need to walk my lovely dog, then I've succeeded, a day just for me.
  2. Happy new day mona Nice to see you here Steph
  3. Hey Alyssa Ever wanna chat message me You can get through this if ok Steph
  4. Heya It's great that you are here. This place and the people here help so so much and you are never alone... You are going to be able to speak to somebody one day It will all be ok If you ever want a chat you an PM me if ok, steph
  5. hey good to see you here... I'm steph, not great with words but always here beside you if you ever need
  6. Aw lottie it'll be ok you are on your way now
  7. Hey Lottie From your replies to me, and from this post, I can tell you are strong and caring and you ARE gonna get through this Yeah... it's scary ... but you know the bucket you've given me? Do you have one for yourself? It does help an awful lot and is no fuss to carry round y'know Let me know if you ever need any more and I'll always happily put a load of my own love strength and courage together for you, along with a few pocket hugs that you can take everywhere with you It's so great to have you here Stephx
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