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  1. INVALIDATION.....THE DENIAL FROM THOSE YOU LOVE & TRUSTED.....It is hard to hear remarks like these posted, I have heard them as well. I just do not understand the insensitivity from others. Especially the comment I got from my mother one time......there are others that have beenn thru worse then you....wth!!!! Does that make my csa & child abuse ok then?????Mine was so painful it really took so much of my life, & it is until my early 50"s that I feel strong enough to understand * try to take back my life. My father was my csa , my mother abondeoned us kids, & a cousin that ra
  2. Hi Haley Welcome to AS...... I hope you find the healing you need here.....AS is a place to talk with others that have been there & can relate. Take Care
  3. Welcome to AS.....Hope you find the strength & courage here with others.
  4. Hi there, Welcome to AS....it is a great place to talk with others that can relate to what you are going thru..
  5. Welcome to AS....everyone is really helpful here, we are all here for the same reason, trying to heal. I hope you find it helpful AS....take your time & take care.
  6. Sara Thank you......................There is so much & so many yrs.....where do I start? Tahnks for your support.
  7. Thank you Sara, Yes I am trying to vent & find a way to finally heal for once in my life for good. I need to get on with my life & I have tried many times & obviously failed. I try to do it on my own.........which is probably my mistake. I love the quotes members post. I found this poem I have on my dresser that is sooo Me.....But I am still healing after many yrs.....And it would be nice after so many yrs of hurt & pain & bitterness to know I can tackle this & live the rest of my life in peace & laugh & be happy.....does that make since? I really have not tal
  8. Thanks for the links..........I have so much hurt & bittereness inside of me & will never have closure...I just need to find a way to get on with my life for good...& no more heartache & remembering all the horrible things that happened as I grew up. It truly has been a struggle & it seems to have stolen so much of my happiness & my life......because I let it. But it is not easy getting rid of most of your life, when that is all you really remember. Any help will be truly appreciated..........
  9. Just trying to find a way to vent with others that have been there... I have been fighting this all my life, would be nice to finally breathe & live for once in my life.
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