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  1. Hi Andrea, Just wanted to welcome you to AS. I understand what you mean about some of the threads bringing up unwanted emotions, but there are also some that are lighthearted and fun... I hope you get the most out of AS, and if you ever wanted to talk, I'm here to listen, and so are a lot of other people. Take Care Hun, C
  2. Hello and welcome. I have been signed up on AS for awhile now, but it is just within the last week or so that I have actually started posting and being active on the site. Its taken me a while to come out of my shell, but I am happy that I have. There are a lot of people out there who understand and live your pain. I am so sorry that these horrible things have happened to you, you did not deserve it at all. I wish that I could take away all of your pain, I really do. Just know though that if you ever want to share your story, that we are all here to listen. Take Care of yourself hun C
  3. Hi Everyone I am fairly new here and I don't really know the workings of this website... sorry if that sounds really dumb, but how exactly does the chat work? Is it a bit like instant messaging or something or do you rather have to post a message and then wait for a reply? Sorry if I am sounding like a complete idiot [which is nothing new]. Thanks a lot
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