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  1. Decided to move to the other side of the country!!!!
  2. I have Sent a copy of my book that details what you did to me to your work mates! Now try telling them its a lie! Sorry more than 5!
  3. Welcome Nichole. Hope you find wat your looking for
  4. Welcome! I hope you find what your looking for if ok
  5. took the words out of my mouth. Hope you're ok. :hug: Miss T hope your doing ok! Pm me if you need
  6. *******trigger warning swearing************* I'm pregnant you f**king a$$hole!
  7. Great thread Vera!! My "best friend" after I told her well you had been drinking - your right I had been drinking the first time he raped me not any other time tho meanwhile you were in the next room high as a kite but I had been drinking silly me!! If I'd taken drugs would it have all been ok? My "best friend" again do you think it affects you so much because he took you a LITTLE out of your comfort zone? A little out of my comfort zone really? Ya think coz I thought I was struggling coz I had been drinking!! Needless to say we don't talk anymore!
  8. sarah126


    Hey and welcome! I'm still figuring all this out myself. S
  9. sarah126

    Hi :)

    hi laura im sarah and im new as well.
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