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  1. I'm sorry Little Sarah, I'm sorry you weren't protected.
  2. Please don't cry little Sarah, please don't cry. I feel your sadness I do. Your tears are my tears, your loneliness is my loneliness, please dont cry. Who will take care of you when I can't? Will care for you when nobody will care for me? Please don't ask me to take care of you, please don't ask me to hug you. I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to make you cry. I'm sorry little Sarah. I'm sorry. I wish you could have your childhood, I wish your pain woldn't hurt so much, I wish we could be free. You are not going to let me stop listening to you, but don't you see little Sarah, I don't want to hear you anymore. I don't want to see your tears anymore, because your tears are my tears and they hurt. I'm sorry Little One, I'm sorry Little Sarah.
  3. Sarahx


    um sarahx here, i'm new and scared..
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