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  1. Thank you, Meg, for your warm welcome. I too know that it would have done more harm than good at the time to tell my family. It amazes me what we have silently carried and still functioned in the world. Certain things are becoming clearer to me...how I have not stood up for myself in certain instances, the relationships I have chosen, how I will just let someone take advantage so easily, how I have lost my voice...or never really found it. We do acclimate to pain. For some reason, maybe grace, I'm starting to come out. Any advice you can give in the process is greatly appreciated. I fin
  2. THank you for your warm reception. I have gotten so many and appreciate them all. I have come to a point in my life that not speaking out or really owning this experience is a price that I can't pay any more. Through this site I am hopeful that I can really see and feel this experience for what it was, accept it, I'm feeling that by not fully accepting it I am not accepting myself. There are very, very few places to go for support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  3. To my relief, I finally got in...thank you. I am 57 years old. I had a rough start in life after high school. I ended up in an abusive situation with a man. THis was back in the 70's when sexual abuse was not out in the open. I knew that this man broke into my apartment and into the bedroom that my young daughter and I shared and raped me. He was someone I had dated for a year and I had broken up with at the time. What came back to me approximately 10 years ago was this same man taking me me to his friends house. I was given some type of drug and raped by 3 or 4 men. The memories are
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