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    Hello... New.

    Thank you all, very much for the welcome. I admit I was nervous to open up about it. I am hurting seeing my wife hurt. And thankfully, she's a tough lady. I admire her courage very much. I told her I found this site while searching for info online, and that I thought it'd be a good idea. It's helped me tremendously already, and I thank you all for your support. I think my wife will sign up too. That'd be great for her. She says she wants to connect with other survivors, but doesn't like group therapy. This might be a good thing for her. Again, thank you all. I posted more details about our situation in the seconday survivors section, if you want to take a look. -Har
  2. Har

    Hello... New.

    Thank you both for your replies. I have a few books that my wife had picked up... Very very helpful in understand what survivors have to endure. We've also been in therapy together, and that has been wonderful. I guess I still feel like there's something more I can be doing. And besides that, I want to talk to other survivors to get input on some things we are going through. I just... I want to help her as much as I can without being a bother. She's come pretty far, but sometimes she feels lost and all I can do is just hold her. The circumstances around the assault were very violent for both of us. Perhaps I will tell what happened at another time. I do care for her very much. I would give my life to save hers. She's my world. Thank you again. -Har
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Har. I'm a secondary survivor. My wife was assaulted about a year ago, and I need guidance from other survivors/secondaries on how I can continue to support her. I am a guy, and I hope to not upset anyone. This has been a hard road for her, and for myself as well. I love my wife with all that I am, and I am devastated to see her suffer like that. I was guided to the board by a friend of mine, and I hope to find the answers to some of my questions as well. I thank you all ahead of time for your help. -Har
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