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  1. Belinda

    Im New

    Heeeeeey welcome to after silence....im glad you foudn us coz this is a great place ... KLove and hugs Belinda
  2. Belinda

    New Here

    Hey welcome to the board and im sorry u have ar eason to be here but i hope u fidn support (((HUGS))) <<if ok Belinda
  3. (((Nene))))) welcoem to the board..im from assieland to..in Melbourne Belidna
  4. Belinda

    Hi, I'm New

    hey..wecome to the group "hugs" Belinda
  5. Belinda

    Hi, I'm New

    hey..wecome to the group "hugs" Belinda
  6. Belinda


    hey..i can so identify with that feelign of just watning a car to hit u... anyay..welcome to teh board...i dont think u "should be over it" people can take years to get over something like tis and what happened to u was horrible and it was NOT ur fault ....my rape was three yeras ago (in may) and im still nto over it..ur not alone ...
  7. hey..welcome to the board Belinda
  8. From a "friend" "Why didnt you kick him in the nuts? did he have a knife? " "I wouldnt let a guy rape me" "just ignores anything I mention about it" "You asked him if he had a condom so u obvioulsy wanted to have sex" A girl who doenst like me much found out i had been raped and said to this other "friend" "Who would be so desperate to have sex with Belinda. shes so ugly." and another girl once said to me about another girl that she would believe she was raped if she said so because she is pretty.
  9. Belinda


    Hey....its always ok not to post if u dont want to as i can see it is on this board to..this board seems great....it was very brave of you just to loopk for support Belinda
  10. Hey...thats really cool u did criminology and teach it.. i study it at a diploma leveel and going to do a degree. i like helping people 2....be proud of youself..i know how hard it can be sometiems listening and hearing all the stuff. Belinda
  11. Belinda


    aaw I wish Id foudn this site when it started thanks guys for the welcome.... vera..sorry I dont remember you, should I? Im sorry if I should, lol. I still go to that group coz its the only one Ive found really and I know its not the safest but Ive made great friends there. But yeah thanks Belinda
  12. Belinda


    Hi.. Im new to here...my Name is Belinda and im 20 from Australia... umm I was raped in 2001....i am still remembering things from it. Ive only remembered the worst in the last six months or so.... anywayz hi Belinda
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