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    I love listening to music, the mountains, rollerblading, partying, sports, and a day wouldn't be a day without Oprah!!!

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  1. Moonshine


    Welcome to AS zewa!!
  2. Welcome to AS, hope you find a safe place here, where you can post as you need too and meet people who are non judgemental!!!!!
  3. Welcome to AS.. hope you find a safe place in AS... I know I have met a lot of awesome people during my time here!
  4. Welcome to AS alicia! I hope you find the people here supportive and undestanding and it helps you continue in your healing journey! Moonshine
  5. Welcome to AS Ivana. I hope you find this site full of support and understanding, I know I have. Moonshine
  6. Welcome to AS Glad you found the courage to post your story! I hope this is the beginning of a new journey of healing for you and remember all of us at AS are at your side! Thrive, MS
  7. Welcome to AS, Abi!! You definitely are not alone and people here are very understanding and supportive. Hope you find it as helpful as I have.
  8. Like to join the others and welcome you to AS, hope you find this place as supportive and understanding as I have!
  9. Welcome to AS, Sarah! You will definitely find a lot of support in whatever you are feeling/dealing with, there is lots of good understanding people here!!
  10. Welcome to AS Sorry you saw your perp. from experience know how difficult that can be, just know you are not alone and keep posting whenever you need!! There is much support and understanding here!! :hug:
  11. Welcome to AS Rainbow :hug:
  12. Welcome to AS Jen! You definitely find a lot of support and amazing people here! I know I have!
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