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  1. Reporting was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life. I thought it would be easy, I thought that the cops were the good guys, and that they would be on my side. I had no idea that they would re-traumatize me to the point where I almost seriously hurt myself. I had no idea they would interrogate me and call me smartass and liar. (I should stop saying they- this is only one) I had no idea that his PRIDE would be more important to him than my life!!! I almost killed myself after I got off the phone with my investigator. Cops do not know how to treat victims, bottom line. Or atleast that was my expirience. They need serious training, someones gotta do something about that. Despite the hell it put me through, I am glad that I reported. Because God continues to walk with me and save me. I will be okay no matter what happens. And now I am not letting my r*pist walk away scott free. And even if for some bizzare reason he doesn't get taken to court, atleast for the time being, he can have that fear in him, that he can be arrested, at any second. It is absolutely nothing compared to the fear I've been battling from the trauma, but it is something. And it is the right thing to do...he should have to pay. Until then, I'm living my life in peace and prosperity, and I'm not letting anyone get in the way of that.
  2. Welcome, I hope you find all that you're looking for.
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