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    abused and broken but not surrendering

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    New Hampshire, USA
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    i love to read, mainly "serious topic" books like annie my love and the first part last. i love to halp people, i want to work in the rape unit of new hampshire police. i love languages, ive taken arabic, latin, german, russian, spanish, french, and currently sign language.

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  1. estream; thanx, i dont write anymore, i used to write alot of realy depressing and suicidal poetry and started several stories, but i guess the words just dont flow like they used to. when im in my darkest hour im fantasticly dark. see if i was depressed i so could have written that better. now i mostly read, i write sometimes, right now im working on a book about teen pregnancy from the fathers perspective, but its not going verry far. its suppose to be a short thing, but i stopped after chapter 2. i just get bored, maybe if i could jsut sit around and write, like when i first get the inspera
  2. estream: i'de buy tuliptorn: thanx
  3. thanx hope to see you around too have u ever considered writing a book?
  4. sarah: thanx, i love criminology and psychology dopey: thanx midnightsunshine: thank you man i feel repeatative
  5. wow your verry poetic, wish i had that talent thanks im sorry i dont write as long as you do
  6. sadeyes22 thank you ive already made a few posts. estream THANX im glad i found this place i think we both belong here im hoping i do good working with the rape unit. i just hope i dont get put in jail for murderin any rapist or pedos, lol. oh and i like ur pic
  7. hi everyone, im now sure what to write here so heres some facts about me im 17, as of last sundayim a junior at a public high schoolim from nhi like to read, write, play video games and hang with my friendsim an equality activist at my schooli run and founded my schools gay straight allianceas far as gender goes i perfer no gender but i was born femalei have a wonderful older boyfriend whos helping me aloti love to talk to peoplei have a problem with sex addictioni am a sexual abuse victim but im trying not to let it controll my lifeim planning to go to college for criminal justice and work
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