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    Theatre is my one true passion and the only reason why I'm continuing to fight through life. I'm happiest on stage.

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  1. Moving Towards Acceptance ***may T***

    I re-read that over and over for the last ten minutes and its perhaps the most inspirational thing I've seen on this site yet. I congratulate you on getting to this point & you've inspired me to try my hardest to be able to see myself the same way. Thank you.
  2. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    I hear people make rape jokes everday and I usually just turn to them and go, "I'm sorry, what about rape is it that you find funny exactly?" it always shuts them up. The worst thing I've had said directly to me was one night at a writers night, where my friends & i take pieces we've wrote & read them to each other and get critiques. One of my friends had written a piece that was about a rape victim and that alone was hard to hear, but he wrote it wonderfully & had good reason to it, so I was okay. When critiquing one of our friends started off his sentence with, "And from the point of a rape victim," ....he wasn't a rape victim. He then proceeded to make jokes about it...