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    Hawaiian Islandz
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    Animal Assisted Therapy, Zen/Zazen, Books, Language, Writing, Film, Music, Sailing, Guitar, Thai Chi, Dance, Philosophy and Psychology, History and Anthropology.<br />It seems any which way I look at it, there are no ordinary moments -everything matters. Either because nothing does, and this is all there is, or because everything does, and there is more to all this beyond any fantasial imagining.

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  1. Perhaps you will consider some writing yourself? I just noticed your poem ... like me, it seems you started writing very young. I find most of us scribblers do. I hope you continue! If time allows, and you haven't already found it, you might check out Letters to a Young Poet by Rilke. That among others helped me a great deal when I was your age ~ helps me now. I hope it offers you the same strange solace it gave me.
  2. thanx hope to see you around too have u ever considered writing a book? Hmmm, well, technically speaking the idea has been pitched a time or two, but it seems the faith of others far outweighs my own! I do thank you for your kindness in asking Perhaps one day I will find the courage to honor that faith. Until then, I ramble on in hopes of finding my own; in process and in me.
  3. A generous view, but thank you ;-) I have a love/hate relationship with words. As much as I love them, they can never hold all I wish I could convey. They are reflections of emotions, not the feelings themselves, and sometimes I worry the words I write might not reflect all I hope they could. Perhaps that is where trust in the reader comes in. Once they are written, they are no longer solely my own, and I have to let them go and trust in interpretation ... even gain perspective from the people who read them, allow myself to consider a different view. All very wordy again I'm afraid. But know t
  4. I hear you, It is good to embrace your feelings, to vent them in a safe and understanding environment, whatever they may be. That said, as you think of your future, who you wish to be and how you want to help, please consider and remember the need to hold perpetrators accountable in honor of your self, of those you are helping, and of justice. Anything more in action and you cross a line you can never come back from. Please know I mean no disrespect, I simply know a person of your awareness, courage, and heart can go so very far to change the way of things in this world. But at 17, you must
  5. Aloha and welcome Just a random note - I think you can do anything you truly set your heart and mind to do. Already you seem to be someone of great courage and heart, and if there is anyone who should work in the fields you have written of in the future, it is someone who can do so in the spirit of experience, however challenging it may be. As for the rest, from one questionable speller to another, there is always spell check Hang in there. I have been here only days, but I think we are both of us in the right place.
  6. Aloha Sarah, Welcome. I too am new here, and from one rambler to another, wish you well
  7. Aloha from one rookie to another. I wish you the same feeling of hope as I have found here these past few daze.
  8. estream


    Wish I could send some sunlight your way, but I'm afraid we are in the midst of a tropical storm. I do love the rain. It's scent, the way it falls, the sound on my windows, the feeling on my face. Like a cloak, no one can tell when I'm crying wrapped in rain. Like most things, it has another side. Like the sea, it invites one to ponder- remember. Especially in the silence of night. I try to distract myself with music, movies, books, guitar, writing, cleaning, laundry. Sleep is uninviting at best in the night. Rambling now. I'm afraid I've opened a door I cannot close, a damn that can no long
  9. estream


    Aloha Everyone, Simply wish to say hello and offer my thanks for such a sanctuary. I am both comforted and saddened to have found what seems such a safe environment, and hope to find the courage to honor that in time. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard, and to feel some part of hope again. I hope. And that is something.
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