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    Finding HOPE in all the betrayal<br />An amazing and supportive husband<br />3 beautiful children

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  1. I cant seem to get away from this one thread. I am stuck here. Over and over. This is what I thought that the cops were the good guys. I really really thought this. I cant get over the fact that the results after the rape are as traumatizing as the rape itself. Am I being dramatic? Why did the "good guys" "re-traumatize me to the point where I almost seriously hurt myself" This is what I am working thru right now. It haunts my dreams more than the flashbacks. HopePsalm70
  2. Now I regret that I didnt tell what happened to me first. But i regret ever telling at all. I would never have reported. I was accused of lying. When I did tell only my husband believed me because he was familiar with our personal sex life and knew that the lies the rapist told were not things I would willingly do. Funny how life is. The good guy gets it and the bad guys get away with it. Rape really is the only crime in which the victim is blamed.
  3. And the insensitivity continues: "weren't you just a little interested in him" like that would make a violent attack more meaningful because he was handsome "what the hell were you doing on the bed with a 16 year old?" um, he was on my bed, violently attacking me... "I heard your husband leaves you alone all the time" ???So women need a babysitter not to be raped in their home "You know you are not the only one who'se been through this" "As I remember she was close to him" So being close to someone always justifies rape There are so many more. I just feel calm right now and cant thin
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