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  1. sarah_2


    Welcome Eliza! I hope you find this site as warm and suupportive as I have! Sarah (Mommy to an Eliza!!!)
  2. Hey Sarah... I am glad you find AS as supportive as I have... Welome! Sarah
  3. For the longest time..I really didn't think I had one...until just the last few days. I have had to work really hard at trying to find out about this inner child thing. I went and watched kids who were about my age when the abuse started. Words cannot express the emotions. I really felt like I was older and wiser..but in reality I looked and acted just like them. After talking with a good friend last night..I know understand that I was young and didn't do anything wrong. I guess it is now time to visit the inner child thing..because as bad as I am hurting..I can't imagine how much that little
  4. Thanks again... I am so glad I found this site..I have belonged to another one..but it was not working out for me. So I remember hearing about AS at the SPA. So I just said..why not?!? Thanks for making me feel so welcome..and understanding how hard this is.. Sarah
  5. WOW..thanks you all..I really trying to allow myself to open up..and share a little. But I have a really hard time..BUT I don't want to be silent anymore..even though it is easier..I am ready to deal with this..and know that I can with the support of all of you... Thanks again.. Sarah
  6. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Sarah
  7. Hi all.. My name is Sarah and I heard about your website from a few girls I met at SOAR SPA. I am hoping to meet some people going through the same things as me.. I am a survivor, and began having memories about 6 months ago. This is all still really new to me...Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know you all better soon! Sarah
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