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  1. Kay91


    thank you not doing v well with coming on here so far, i keep being too ill to sit up never mind getting to the computer.. oh well hey
  2. Kay91


    thank you i have sent you a message
  3. Kay91


    Thanks. I dont really know where to go or what to say. What parts are the 'safe' parts of this forum?! Im having a really crap day.
  4. Kay91


    Hi Im new on here. Not really sure why i joined. Obviously im a suvivor of sexual abuse. But im so screwed up, im not ready to post my story, and im not ready to read other peoples. So im sorry that im so useless. My names kaylie, im 17. I have a son, and a daughter. My daughters twin died last year. I have lost my brother and my sister. Both my parents comitted suicide. I dont really know what to say. Im sorry. I dont want sympathy. I just want to talk to people nicely. I have a lot of mental health issues. Im in a mental health unit. Well actually at the moment im ill in hospital but w
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