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    Im a keen artist, photographer and writer :) even though im currently not studying i am freelance and doing open learning studying a diploma in psychology and philosophy. I love reading and enjoy outdoor activities (i should say i did) mainly jogging, rockclimbing, backpacking and mountain biking... Urmm i love graphoc novels :D yeah i know quite nerdy.. but still :p When im older i want to go into either psychology or art therapy (art psychology in no other words) so yeah.. thats all i can think of right now<br /><br />BTW in my profile pic im the one on the right ^^

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Meg and im 16 (i hope thats not too young and please dont refrain from talking to me because of it) I live in the UK i joined this site in a hope to help my recovery as im only just starting to come to terms with what happened to me. Im quite mature for my age.. in all honesty im a bit of a loner, im not studying right now but am looking for part time work. I enjoy art, writing etc as well as a lot more. I hope i can get to know a few of you and that i can help as many people as possible too. I hope you're all doing ok and im sending you all my best wishes take care x
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