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    ~Joanna~Colorless12 "I wish they would only take me as I am

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    ~Astrology~ finding the true meaning of things~ there is more out there than meets the eye~Music~Poetry~&~&~Most IMPORTANT~My Daughters~

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  1. Hi Meg, new also, and happy I found this place, I'm 27, but everyone tells me I look 18 lol...(I wish) I'm not much fun right now, sowy...but glad to be here, glad your here too!
  2. Hello... I'm 27, single mom of 3 daughters, 9,7,and 5.They are my world, only reason for being, for existing.sometimes I wonder if God sent them to me cus he knew I wouldnt stick around this life without them. He sure was right.been thru so much...but I love my babies. I feel like God helped me find this place, so many people, so many stories, similar and different from mine...yet I feel like I know u all, and feel like I want to help others, not sure if I could, I need help myself, guess deep down I'm in denial...little by little I guess I have no choice but to finally accept what happened 3
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