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  1. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    do they still have the after silence chat room on here, or only the forum/blog posts now?
  2. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    hi, and thanks so much. i recently had my former counselor send my story back to me. i'm ready to expound on certain problem areas that still feel intrusive and not quite worked through as yet. can't wait to work on this some more. thanks all for the support!
  3. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    thank u honey, u r so sweet!
  4. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    THANKS, HON! u guys r all so sweet. i wanna get my hands on what i wrote about it to my last counselor a few years back. i was gonna burn it, but he told me he thought i'd want it one day, so he'd keep it safe for me since i didn't want it around. i guess he was right :) anyhow, i'll probably share that less graphic version, but i want to add details to the story that still bother me. the more i deal with it, the better off i'm sure i'll be.
  5. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    Um there is a forum for adults and teens...under Survivor Connections..but I don't think one for what stage you are at... oh, i think i replied to the wrong part. Thank u, sunshine.
  6. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    ok; thanks! ;)
  7. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    btw, are there separate threads for pple according to their stage of recovery...i guess there aren't any official stages, but u know, like: beginning stage, or just starting out, or refreshers...something like that. or maybe by how long it's been? just wondering. i'm kind of dealing with new feelings myself, as i'll be having a daughter soon, and uggghhhh...that brought up a lot of feelings i thought i'd dealt with. k; thanks again. ;)
  8. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    thanks, everyone. you are all so sweet.
  9. Hi, I'll Share Soon

    hello. i'm new here. not really ready to share my story yet. actually, i wrote my story in a blog years ago and have since forgotten what blog site it was...i swore it was something like "victims no more" or "silent no more"...whatever. i forgot the site and haven't had success finding it. good luck in your recovery, all.